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Control Property Access

  • ​Electronic Door Locks

  • Master Key Systems

  • Keyless Locks

  • Keys Safes


We have a wide range of locking options to make owning or managing a holiday rental or Airbnb property much less stressful. If you constantly have guests unable to find the keys on arrival or worse accidentally taking the keys with them when they leave, we have you covered. From a code operated key safe mounted to the wall by the front door to full keyless access we have the solution for you.

The Carbine 3in1 digital touch screen lock is a perfect replacement for your old  key operated entrance set on the front door of the property. Using this digital code lock means you no longer need to leave keys out for the guest (and they can't lose them). On arrival the guest simply types in the pin number you have sent them in your conformation email onto the touch screen pad of the lock and it will unlock the door. When you would like to periodically change the code it's a simple procedure that even the cleaner can do while they are there. 

For the other external doors we can replace the inside key operated locks with a snib lock or a snib key that can not be removed from the lock, this allows the guest to be able to lock and unlock the doors from the inside but stop them being able to lose the keys.

If you have specific areas in the house you would like to restrict guest access to like a garage, storage cupboard, linen cupboard, kitchen cupboards or office drawers we can fresh fit locks to these areas so your personal items are safe. We can key these locks alike so you will only need one key to open all of the areas you have locked off from guests.

If you have an automatic gate and/or garage roller door at the property we can fit a receiver and wall mounted keypad so you no longer need to leave the guest a remote control to operate it.

We can also fit a master key system to the whole house or just the bedrooms. This means that if you have a 3 bedroom property but only have a couple staying for their visit, you can give the guests a set of keys that only work the external doors and the master bedroom but not the other 2 bedrooms. This stops the guests making the other bedrooms and linen dirty.


  • Electronic Door Locks

  • Master Key Systems

  • Keyless Locks

  • Keys Safes

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