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Non-destructive Entry Specialists

  • Houses

  • Offices

  • Cars 


Here at WISE LOCKSMITHS we specialise in non-destructive lock opening in Cairns and the surrounding areas.
With 17 years experience of picking, bumping and manipulating locks open on a daily basis we make sure you can gain entry into your house, office, commercial property or car without having to damage the existing locks which would be costly to replace.

If you have locked your keys inside your car, van or truck we have specialised car opening tools from the USA to open the vehicle without causing any damage.

We can unlock a wide variety of locks from residential home security screen doors and front door locks to commercial properties like offices, shops and industrial sheds which often have restricted profile keys. Whether it’s a garage, shed, trailer lock, filing cabinet, mailbox or a safe we have the specialised equipment and knowledge to open the lock for you when you have lost your keys or locked yourself out and need help.

Being centrally located in Cairns helps us get to you as fast as possible when you need our services in an emergency. 

The quickest way to contact us if you are locked out is to call us on 0421473437 and you can speak directly to the locksmith who will be coming out to open your lock.

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