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We are a mobile locksmiths, this means we do not have a physical location like a shop or office to cut keys from.​

We can cut additional keys while onsite doing a job for a customer, but we are not able to only cut keys as there would be a service call for us to attend your location. 


We can cut and stamp a wide variety of keys for you onsite with our on board key cutting machines.


As locksmiths we often come across problems that the customer initially thinks is caused by the lock but it is actually caused by a badly cut key from a local hardware store or shopping centre kiosk who’s key cutting machines haven’t been properly calibrated. With our experience and knowledge we make sure the correct key blank is used and the keys are cut correctly and tested in your locks to ensure they work perfectly.

Additional Keys Cut

Need additional keys cut? As your trusted mobile locksmith, we make it easier for you. We will meet you at your convenience to cut the additional keys for you.

Mail Box & Filing Cabinet Keys

We can pick open and make keys to your existing lock or cut keys to the code stamped on the face of the lock barrel. If the lock is seized or damaged we can replace it with a brand new lock.


Key Stamping 

Some of our commercial customers require key numbers or room numbers stamped on the individual keys for identification purposes, we offer this service at no additional charge for your convenience. 

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